WFC Cliffjumper Version 1.0

War for Cybertron Cliffjumper Version 1.0

“I wanna boot some Decepticon right in his turbocharger!” -Cliffjumper

Within Cliffjumper burns the spark of a hero and a dedicated Autobot. On the outside is a trigger-happy, untrusting jerk with serious impulse-control problems. Cliffjumper utterly hates the Decepticons. He also hates traitors. And anybody could be a traitor. Therefore, Cliffjumper hates everybody. It’s unclear if he hates traitors more than he hates Decepticons, but it’s at least a neck-and-neck thing.

War For Cybertron Cliffjumper comes complete with an awesome paint job and custom made decals, A custom made gatlin gun, articulated hands, and a resculpting on his head. Gun can be attached in both robot and vehicle modes. He is ready to join his autobot brethren in their search for the allspark and protecting the Earth from the scourge of the decepticons.

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